Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winterizing Your Basement: What are the benefits and weaknesses

In this article Penguin Basements, LTD, owned by Guy Solomon explains all the important things to know before winter preparation, helping protect your health, comfort and energy bills as well.

Canadian dwellers know how cold winters could be and that is why they are preparing to meet the cold in advance. The best method to keep cold out of your house is to winterize it. Today there are a lot of practices and theories about it. Guy Solomon – the head and owner of Penguin Basements LTD is sure that traditional approach to focus on main and upper floors is not enough, the winterizing your basement is as important too. As a proof he explains that usually the basement is a space, where all water heaters, furnaces, air ducts, hot water pipes and HVAC systems are placed, so when they are working in a cold environment it takes more energy to make the home warm. Moreover many homeowners have noticed that there are still drafts on the floor above the basement, if it is cold. So we are getting back to the heating systems work, that is getting more and more necessary heat to produce placed in a cold basement. If we are talking about the basement itself, we should understand that now basement windows are the most critical point for energy loss in the whole house.

So, let us listen to Guy Solomon's team, who is specializing just on the basement area of the house. His team is ready to examine all the leaky windows, find the problems with basement walls insulation and solve them for sure for the comfort of the house habitants.

Modern companies are used to insulate the basement ceiling space (which is also the main floor space) with fiberglass. According to Guy Solomon's word, that is the biggest problem, because it still cannot warm up the utility equipment, and the problem of unwanted drafts still remains.
What Guy Solomon recommends to do? 
  • First of all the old windows need to be replaced with new ones made of vinyl and with two panes of Low-E glass.
  • Next step is to install waterproof wall board that will warm up the HVAC system and the water pipes.
  • Then considering the humidity level. This step is very important if you are dealing with mold, mildew, and other problems like that. Basement is a place full of moisture that can lead to unwanted results.

When all the works are done the happy family can notice that now the energy bills are lower and the temperature in the house is still normal. All these positive changes are possible with proper basement winterizing.

About the Company: Penguin Basements, LTD is a professional basement renovation company working in Toronto, GTA. It is the only company of its kind since the employees specialize solely in basement areas. The team has tons of experience and a solid reputation for providing clients with their dream basements on time and on budget. Guy Solomon backs his company’s work with a fully-transferrable limited lifetime warranty so that both current and future homeowners can enjoy the comfort that comes with quality work.