Thursday, September 17, 2015

Basement Bathroom: Do You Need It?

As a rule, when thinking about the basement renovation project, you have some image of the finished project in your mind. Some people want to create new extra bedrooms or even a full apartment space; others lack a game room in their house, a theatre, or even a man cave. Regardless of the purpose of the basement space, it is extremely important to decide whether you will install a bathroom in the new living space or not. If you understand that you do need it then this article from Guy Solomon can help you add a basement bathroom and still stay in the budget. 

Advantages of Basement Bathroom

With no doubt having an extra bathroom in a finished basement is always a great advantage. For example, if you want to remake your old basement and create there a man cave, or you are on the way of completing a gaming area or creating a home workout gym, then you can easily confine the ruckus to the basement and so avoid going upstairs all the time. Along those same lines, if you create a children play area in the basement, adding an extra bathroom will keep the little ones from running up and down the stairs repeatedly adding more safety to their games. Finally, if you want to create a separate apartment in the basement space, then installation of a bathroom is simply a must-have for it. 


If you still feel being on the fence, then one of the best ways to make the final decision about whether or not a bathroom is the right option for your project, then you can get an estimate from a professional basement contractor like Guy Solomon. Every single project is absolutely different from the previous or the next one, and an estimate always helps when you understand what will be involved. Once you have an interim figure in mind, you are always able to use that image in order to decide whether you want or need to go through the project or it is better to think about a better option. 

Choose and Pick Bathroom Components
In case you have strongly decided to create a full bathroom suit then you need to choose the best matching components to make this room comfortable and more desirable. For example, Guy Solomon usually advises to install a small shower in a sink in a bar area, a workout space, or even a small toilet and sink in a child's play area. With no doubt, you do not always for a sink, toilet, and shower in every basement bathroom, this is why choosing the ones most needed can provide you with perfect functionality and save you money. 

As you can see from the issues described above, a bathroom in a finished basement can become a great option in your basement space, but sometimes it might appear to be quite costly and not right for every purpose. Check out Guy Solomon reviews and discover all of the possible options that are available to you today.

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