Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Basement Finishing 101: The Great Advances of Basement Apartments and Magnesium Boards

Guy Solomon is a basement renovation expert and when it comes to basement finishing his team can focus solely on this area of contracting. He is a great choice of a contractor if you need help to make the most out of your basement renovation, whether for you this means determining the value of a new basement apartment or choosing modern magnesium boards for your space.

Basement Apartments and Its Value
You might not know that if you create a new absolutely separate apartment in your basement, you automatically add value to your home in general; but now you are armed with this info. But all in all, whether you invest your money into a winning project or not will depend on the real use of the space. Homeowners mostly add new apartment to lease them. That is a great idea because you can earn some extra money from renting to spend them in paying for debts, mortgages, or simply saving money over the years. Later on in your life you may use this space for your elderly parents, adult children, or any family members who have fallen on hard times.

What to Move?
When planning a new basement project, first of all you need to clearly understand what you will have to move out from there. As a rule, people have there their laundry corner, so before beginning renovation in basement space Guy Solomon advises to create a "corner" in your upper house space to move there the laundry. Another thing of great importance is your HVAC system. You should think how to move it from the living space, hide it in the basement and still have a free access to it. According to experts in this issue you need to talk to professional engineers and architectures in order to perform this movement correctly.

Magnesium Board Benefits

Creating a living space in your basement is a pretty complex and hard process, but with the help of right materials and professional expertise of Guy Solomon and his team, you can easily perform it in your house. These professionals usually advise homeowners to use magnesium board as a pert of their basement renovation in most part of their projects.

Water and Mold Resistant
From the very beginning people do not understand all the advantages of this idea, but magnesium board is water- and mold-resistant material which is perfect for use in notoriously damp basements. It is mostly used in Europe but the fashion for magnesium boards comes to North American homes by leaps and bounds – and that happened for good reason. It is a perfect moisture barrier, which prevents the growth of mold owing to the liquid water, steam, and humidity.

To sum up the above information, when it comes to perform the basement renovation in your house, Guy Solomon and his team are just the right people to work with, because you can always ask them about all the benefits of magnesium board and creation of separate apartment in your house.

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