Thursday, September 17, 2015

Create a Man Cave in Your Basement with these Must-Haves

Over the past years men suddenly understood that they all need to have place where women are prohibited to enter and they called this place – man cave. According to the experience of Guy Solomon, he creates dozens of such places in the houses’ basements every year this is why he created this article to explain the main must-haves for such places. 

 #1 – A Big Screen TV
There is no matter if you just like watching TV, or you are a sports fan, or an inveterate gamer - TV is a must-have for such a place! In case you are not an amateur in this issue you are advised to pay attention to something like the refresh rate or black levels. Guy Solomon assures that today most mane-cave TVs are 60" wall-mounted HDTV which always have a connection to a cable or satellite box in order to provide you with everything you could ever hope to watch. If you are not a professional in these issues, you can always ask an expert for a consultation.

#2 – Comfortable Recliners
After a hard day at work you always want to come to your cave and relax. As a rule most people prefer having a sofa or recliner instead of a wooden chair, folding chair or a bar one, this is why all designers insist on getting a comfortable recliner for every man cave. They also warn that if you have plans to invite there a great bunch of friends or throw their a party, you might need to get a couple of them. 

#3 – A Refrigerator
With no doubt the best drink for men is beer, but warm beer is the most awful thing ever – this is why Guy Solomon says that a small refrigerator is also an extremely important thing for your basement space. You may object to this idea saying that you already have a fridge upstairs, but imagine that you are watching a game on TV, then if needing some more beer go upstairs and miss the greatest moment of the whole match! With no doubt, you do not want to be such a looser – that is why get a fridge and never miss anything! 

#4 – A Pool Table
There is nothing better and more entertaining than a game of billiards in a great company of best friends. You know that playing pool in a bar is a pretty expensive thing, so why wasting money on bars if you can create a bar in your basement! Simply incorporate a pool table into your basement project of man cave and get the ultimate hangout in the mixture of cold drinks from the fridge. Have a pool at home – there is no reason to go somewhere and spend excessive amounts of money just to shoot a few games. 

Do you have these four items in your basement man cave? If yes then you actually have a home away from home which can become a great escape from the hustle and bustle everyday life!

Looking for some inspiration to turn your basement into an ultimate man cave? Find more Guy Solomon reviews online and check unique basement renovation ideas from true professionals! 

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