Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Basement Renovation: DIY vs Hiring a Contractor?

The first question which is asked by the people who plan to perform any kind of renovation, including the basement one, is whether they can do everything themselves or it is better to hire a professional contractor like Guy Solomon. As with no doubt, everyone wants to save some money on labor costs and it is a good thing, no? Well. The answers is - not always. Below in this article you can discover helpful tips for taking the final decision whether you should call a pro and in what situations. Sometimes, it is much better to spend some more now in order to avoid all unnecessary expenses in the coming future. 

Consider the Scope and Size of the Project

The first and most important thing you do need to think about is the actual scope of your project. Very often, homeowners have the image of their project in their minds about the future look of their basements, but in reality they forget to think about the most important aspects of the whole renovation process. For example, think about the issue of waterproofing your basement in order to prevent mold on walls and floors? Did you think about relocation the HVAC system or laundry appliances? What about the addition or changing any electrical wiring in order to suit the purpose of the totally new space? If you have never heard or thought about these issues, then you definitely need to hire a pro like Guy Solomon because his team main focus in only on basement renovation, and they easily can foresee any problems before they occur. 


Experience is another important issue when considering any do it yourself renovations. Have you ever renovated anything before? Do you have experience with basements? If no, then professional contractors are the best way to go. You need to clearly understand that your basement presents a unique set of challenges which are far unlike anything that you will find on the main floor of your house. You must combat all the damp conditions, consider the impact of sound from the above and outside, and you should always make sure that everything is according to code in terms of safety. Remember one simple thing – only professionals as Guy Solomon do know all of these requirements.

What if Something Goes Wrong?
As a rule ordinary person is absolutely inexperienced in things like plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, and construction, and if something goes wrong, then you are very likely to spend much more money on fixing your mistakes if compared to hiring a professional from the very beginning. There are lots of problems that you may or may not face, and unless you have special experience in these matters, the best idea is to contact a professional like Guy Solomon who can help you with all of the basement renovation needs in Canada. 

Guy Solomon is an expert in basements, and his team fully understands all the aspects of these renovations. (learn more about this team experience from Guy Solomon reviews). Undoubtedly, hiring a professional may cost you a little more up front, but the savings that it provides you with in terms of a job well done are measurable.

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